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Andy Isabella raves about Quarterback Kyler Murray’s character & leadership on the Jim Rome Show

What did the new rookie receiver have to say about the #1 overall pick’s leadership qualities?

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Last week, Cardinals WR Andy Isabella was on the Jim Rome Show talking about the well known footrace against his quarterback in practice that pretty much instantly went viral.

Isabella had a lot to say about his race against the man nicknamed “K1” but also RAVED about the character that had been shown so far by his rookie quarterback on the air:

When asked about who won the race, Isabella joked saying “I don’t wanna make him mad” showing confidence in his speed and said that Murray “only came close to him” on the one video that blew up.

As for his early impressions he said that “When he [Murray] does something, everyone follows him.”

The aforementioned race in case you missed it is below...and both were blazing.

Seems like Murray’s earned over at least one member of the locker room so far.

What are your thoughts, Cardinals fans?

Did Arizona make the right choice in selecting Kyler Murray and trading away Josh Rosen after only one year?