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Sports Illustrated does not see a jump in wins in 2019 for the Arizona Cardinals

NFL: JUN 11 Arizona Cardinals Minicamp Photo by Kevin Abele/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Season predictions? We haven’t even gotten to training camp yet!

That never stopped anyone from giving their opinion on something.

So, the first of what will surely be many offseason prediction articles on how many games the Arizona Cardinals will win in 2019 has dropped.

It comes courtesy of Connor Orr of Sports Illustrated and it’s not pretty:


I wanted to give Arizona more wins because I genuinely think that a team that presents such a significantly different offense and greater pace of play will surprise some people. However: Put yourself in my shoes and try and find me seven wins on this schedule without knowing how Kyler Murray will adapt, and if he’ll stay healthy. I like them against the Giants and to win their opener against the Lions due to specific potential matchups, assuming that Murray is in. Everything else was extraordinarily difficult.

Orr’s reasoning is sound. The unknown is so heavy with this team that any type of prediction seems bad.

Yet, to see the team go 3-13 in back-to-back seasons would be a monumental disappointment aside from something ominous happening to a number of key players.

When you look at the overhaul of the roster, this is unlikely to be a playoff team, but it feels closer to the five win mark than the three win mark.

However, as I always say, there’s a good two game swing in either direction when it comes to predictions (please remember this so I don’t have to address it in every article).

So, Orr has them at three, maybe he sees five and is going on the low end of that spectrum and is sticking with three.

If we use the five number, it’s likely someone like Jess Root will come in at that seven number to even things out and get us to that average projection of five wins in 2019.

What do you think?