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Arizona Cardinals open up training camp and open up the offense

NFL: JUN 11 Arizona Cardinals Minicamp Photo by Kevin Abele/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s a different feeling.

A different vibe and for the first time ever, it’s all on one player.

The idea that Kyler Murray is the franchise is not surprising, but the fact that so many are buying in, or at least seem to be buying into it matters. Murray is a pick that will define the destiny of this franchise for the next five years.

He’s completely bought into Kliff Kingsbury and the offense and the team seems to buy into him.

These things matter.

So, as Jess and I have talked about, A.Q. Shipley will be the starter until he loses it to Mason Cole.

For those interested in those sorts of things.

Trent Sherfield and Kevin WhiteWhite is at home in this offense, we’ll see if that means anything.

Interesting to see Patrick Peterson out there from the jump. We’ll see for how long.

Like I said, this is a different culture.

Murray’s arm is kind of ridiculous.

Tempo, tempo, tempo.

Very exciting.