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Cardinals Training Camp Journal: Day 4

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-Training Camp Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Here is a look at some of the play actions and running plays out of the shotgun. Chase Edmonds breaks off a good run. The rest of the runs are fairly well pinched by the defense. Some of you are already criticizing the play of the offensive line—-but—- that’s like criticizing a group of actors performing a dress rehearsal three days into learning the script. Offensive line play needs a great deal of time, coordination, reps and patience.

J.R. Sweezy has been very outspoken about how good an offensive line coach Sean Kugler is. Sweezy appreciates how direct the communication is and how Kugler asks for the linemen’s input.

Kyler Murray and the 2 minute offense do a good job here of setting up a good FG from Zane Gonzalez. Murray takes what the defense is giving him—-a key pass to the flat and one sweet connection over the middle. Then Murray forces a pass into tight coverage up the right sideline—-which he got away with—-but this is a key learning tool for Murray as he is testing what works and what doesn’t.

The defense here is solid. The effort is commendable.

Hakeem Butler made the catch of the day right here on a perfectly thrown pass from Brett Hundley. Butler is proving himself to be a bona fide red zone threat.

Great to see the NFL Network honing in on the Cardinals. Kurt Warner’s interview with Kyler Murray is excellent. Kyler is clearly much more comfortable with the media and with his surroundings. And Kurt seems genuinely fascinated by what he sees in Murray and the Cardinals’ spread offense.

It is also important to note that Warner is impressed with how well Kyler Murray has “tightened up his delivery.”

Day 4 Tidbits:

  • The Cardinals released OLB/DE Matt Longacre just four days after signing him. He must have been out of shape, because the Cardinals are a little thin depth-wise on the edge.
  • However, Brooks Reed was activated and started at LOLB in practice, as Terrell Suggs got a veteran’s day off.
  • Word is that the coaches are impressed with OLB Pete Robertson’s edge rushing ability. Robertson was an edge rusher a few years ago at Texas Tech under Kliff Kingsbury.
  • The CBs on the 2nd defense are 2nd year defenders Chris Jones and Dietrick Nichols (slot/nickel CB) and UCFA Nate Brooks. Nichols came up with a interception in the end zone and the word is that Vance Joseph likes this young trio.
  • It is unclear right now what the status is on CB Brandon Williams and WR Chad Williams who appear to be behind younger players on the depth chart.
  • Kliff Kingsbury is fairly pleased with the pace and competition in practice, but he’s concerned right now that there are “too many players on the ground,” which could lead to injuries. Part of this is because the QBs are testing their #1 pass options early and often (which is what they should be doing right now) and the coverage has been consistently tight with bodies on both sides going up for the ball. My guess is that come Tuesday, the QBs will be asked to focus more on their progressions. In letting the plays develop, the WRs have a better chance to gain clear separation which could lead to clean receptions and RAC yards.
  • Kyler Murray’s escapability has been on display the last couple of days and man, when he squirts free from the pocket, just and Nick Saban lamented, there had better be a host of defenders ready to try to corral him.

Check out this film session with Dan Orlovsky and what he says about Kyler Murray’s reading of the defense and his footwork on the throw:

Book it, Dan-O!