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ESPN projects David Johnson to turn it around in 2019

NFL: Arizona Cardinals-Training Camp Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

2018 was fun for no one.

It was especially not fun for a player like David Johnson who played all of 12 snaps in 2017 and was looking to bounce back in a big way.

Instead, he was fed a steady diet of inside runs, not an asset in a non-existent passing game and looked like a shadow of his former self from the 2016 season.

So, it makes sense that Pro Football Focus and ESPN think that Johnson is in for a turnaround in 2019.

Outlook for 2019: Johnson is poised for a breakout season for multiple reasons. The first is that he’s relatively fresh. He played less than one game in 2017 and wasn’t used last season the way he was in 2016, when he finished with 2,118 all-purpose yards. The second is that Johnson will have a major role in Kingsbury’s version of the Air Raid. Contrary to popular belief, the run is a major part of Kingsbury’s scheme, which means Johnson probably will return to a full workload as a running back but also will be used consistently as a receiver, either lining up out wide or running routes out of the backfield. -- Josh Weinfuss

In 2018, Johnson was not an asset to the offense.

In 2019, outside of Kyler Murray, David Johnson is the most important part of the offense for the Arizona Cardinals.

If for any other reason, Johnson should turn it around simply because of his opportunity in the offense.

What do you expect from David Johnson in 2019?