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Footballs and fist fly on day five of Arizona Cardinals training camp

NFL: JUL 25 Cardinals Training Camp Photo by Kevin Abele/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Today, the Arizona Cardinals were back on the practice field, except…

A bit surprising to see the Cardinals back at practice without pads on today.

Although, the Cardinals and Kliff Kingsbury are working on something much different this season.

The work that’s needed for this offense to develop the timing and rhythm that is required for it to be efficient and effective is probably a little more important than old school hitting.

It’s a different approach, especially different from last year’s Steve Wilks run camp.

Hit him!

Apparently Alford is giving Byrd the business.


Larry Fitzgerald praises a lot of players, but the way he’s described Kyler Murray and his grasp of the offense is different than his usual praise.

Things are going well for the rookie from Fresno State.

This is a complete 180 from last years camp. Where there were obvious questions and concerns about the Arizona Cardinals weapons.

This is really the difference between Kyler and other young quarterbacks. He has a deft ability to change speeds, arm angles and platforms on his throws. It’s baseball but it’s also just a unique skillset.

KeeSean Johnson. He’s going to be good.