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Arizona Cardinals are home dogs as opening line against Detroit Lions moves

NFL: Detroit Lions at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe the unknown will play to the Arizona Cardinals favor.

They hired Kliff Kingsbury as their new head coach, they jettisoned Josh Rosen in favor of Kyler Murray and now they’re keeping all information on the new offense top secret.

All of that has lead to the Arizona Cardinals opening game line moving from a pick em to the Lions favored by two in their opening weekend tilt.

William Hill announced their updated lines for week one of the 2019 NFL season and the money has been heavy on the Lions, leading to the change from a pick em to the Lions favor.

It makes sense.

No one has any idea what the Cardinals will look like or if their big gamble going to Kliff and Kyler will actually work.

So why would anyone bet on them?

Add to that, the Lions are defining their identity with the two tight end sets, running the football and giving second-year head coach Matt Patricia a team to mold, it just makes cents.

However, the unknown also gives the Cardinals quite a bit of wiggle room and that’s why even though the money is so lopsided towards the Lions, you’re not seeing a huge uptick in the spread. Two points is still close and the change will be interesting to continue to follow as we inch ever closer to opening day 2019 and what is hopefully a great new era of Arizona Cardinals football.