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Which draft picks from the last six years need to step up the most in 2019?

NFL: OCT 28 49ers at Cardinals Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals have a long history of missing on the draft picks under Steve Keim.

They are without any players from the 2013 or 2014 NFL Drafts on their roster and their 2015 draft, which looked like the one that would lay the foundation for the future, and it still might, but it has not turned out to be what anyone had hoped.

Do we talk about the 2016 class?

That brings us to the 2017 class which has one player that can be considered a building block in Budda Baker.

2018 started off okay, but no Josh Rosen, means it now falls on Christian Kirk and Mason Cole, maybe even Chase Edmonds.

No, the last six drafts before this season have not been fruitful.

So, who needs to step up the most?

2015 - D.J. Humphries: If Humphries can stay on the field and maybe show some more growth, it would be a boon for the Cardinals. They have to see something from their former first round pick this year.

2016 - Can we even label anyone from this draft? Will Robert Nkemdiche or Brandon Williams even make the roster?

2017 - Haason Reddick: Look, I know just singling out first round picks may seem easy, but it is also the truth. If Reddick doesn’t turn into a player this year, it’s another in a long list of whiffs in the first round.

2018 - Mason Cole: Sure, Christian Kirk needs to step up and I’ve even called him the “X-Factor”, yet if the Cardinals are going to be anything other than an entertaining loser in year one of Kliff and Kyler, they’ll need two or three players along the offnsive line to step up. Kirk is going to be good. They need Cole to be as well.