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Five things from Saturday’s Arizona Cardinals camp

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NFL: JUL 25 Cardinals Training Camp Photo by Kevin Abele/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

There is the Darius Philon situation, there is a practice.

We are onto practice and the Oakland Raiders. It is going to be weird to change that to the Las Vegas Raiders.

Here are five things from Saturday’s practice for the Arizona Cardinals.

  1. The offensive tackles had the day off again - This seems to be more for the backups, at least in my opinion, that were beyond not good on Thursday. After review, the starters were not awful, which is something to build on, right?
  2. The defensive line starters will be okay - The Arizona Cardinals with Zach Allen behind the three starters is not a bad rotation, especially with Terrell McClain. Now, it is less than optimal.
  3. Rookies are back and should be ready Thursday - With Byron Murphy and Andy Isabella out last Thursday, it was a bit disappointing for fans looking forward to seeing the young guys. Now, they should be back on Thursday for the Raiders game. Let’s hope they can stay healthy.
  4. Kyler is being held back - Semi joking on this, but Kyler Murray wants to show more, but Kliff Kingsbury is not ready to unleash the full fury of his offense. Which says something with how fluid it looked at times on Thursday.
  5. Trent Sherfield continues to shine - He is the number 3 or 4 wide receiver... Right?

Now, this is not the best.

Enjoy your Sunday.