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Cardinals’ 53: Post AZ 17 LA 13

Los Angeles Chargers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It was a fun and exciting pre-season 17-13 win for the Cardinals, particularly in watching QB Kyler Murray throw laser beams, all of which were caught with relative ease and confidence, and the defense coming up with some big plays, like Jordan Hicks’ rip and strip fumble in the red zone, Pete Robertson’s return of a strip fumble caused by Vontarious Dora (reversed via review) and Tyler Sigler’s nifty interception and lengthy return. Zane Gonzalez’s booming 55 yard FG and Trent Sherfield’s stick tackle from the gunner spot on punt coverage were the ST highlights. And the two offensive TDs were sweet---Sherfield’s fabulous tightrope TD catch from Brett Hundley and Wes Hills’ thundering game clinching rumble off right tackle.

As with the Cardinals teams of recent memory---they are struggling in two major aspects of the game: blocking and tackling.

These key components of winning football will be the points of emphasis. But, it is always nice to work on the basic fundamentals following a win, rather than after a loss.

53 Projection Update:

QB (2): Murray, Hundley

RB (4): Johnson, Edmonds, Logan, Hills

TE (3): Williams, Seals-Jones, Clay* (PUP)

WR (7): Fitzgerald, Kirk, Sherfield, Johnson, Isabella, Byrd, Butler

OL (9): Humphries, Cole, Shipley, Sweezy, Gilbert, Cunningham, Gaillard, Pugh*, Sweet

NT (2): Peters, Brown

DE (4): Gunter, Allen, Dogbe, McClain (Philon likely facing a release and/or league suspension)

OLB (4): Jones, Suggs, Robertson, Reed

ILB (5): Hicks, Gardeck, Reddick*, Turner, Walker

CB (5): Alford, Brock, Jones, Murphy*, Shaw

S (5): Baker, Swearinger*, D. Thompson, J. Thompson, Ford

ST (3): Gonzalez, Lee, Brewer

Knocking on the door:

  • RB Strickland
  • TE Daniels
  • WR Cooper
  • OL Gossett
  • OL Vujnovich
  • OL Shelton
  • OLB Dora
  • ILB Vallejo
  • CB Brooks
  • S Sigler (could find niche as nickel LB)

Waiver Wire and/or Trade Priorities:

  • OL
  • DL
  • CB

53 Man Roster Challenge:

After the 4th pre-season game, the fan who gets the most of the Cardinals roster decisions correct, wins the Kyler Murray t-shirt.

It might be good and fun to make your predictions each week as several did last week. It’s good practice. Thus, this week who are your 53?