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Madden Giveaway Winner, August Contest Details

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Plus the second place winner for July!

Sorry for the delay everyone, had some details to sort out. But without further ado, we have winners for the July Fanpost Contest!

The copy of Madden goes to aditya4! Congrats! With several season previews, Madden dialogue and free agent speculations, aditya4 once again stepped up and provided nonstop content for Fanposts.

The second place winner of a gift card to the Playstation or Xbox online stores is AndyStandsUp with his fanpost “Ricky Seals Jones A Lock To Make Roster?

Please keep an eye on your emails you two.

For the month of August, help get yourselves ready for the season with a $75 or $15 e gift card to Dick’s Sporting Goods. And your post may even be featured right on the front page!

The rules are simple. Simply submit one or more fanposts during the month of August. (Yes, if you’ve already submitted one this month but prior to this article, you count.) And you will be eligible to be selected.

Also, if you ever submitted a fanpost in the past prior to the start of the contests (August 2018), send it to me and it’ll be up for consideration.

Free agent targets, scouting reports, fan experiences, X’s and O’s, etc. Make it whatever you are passionate about.

Just be sure to:

  • Follow the Community Guidelines
  • Keep it PG
  • This isn’t a must, but the more work you put into making it presentable (grammar, spacing, etc.) the better chance it has to be featured.

Need help? Here’s a handy dandy guide. You can also hit me up via email at or on twitter @robert_ban