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Kyler Murray a 'Love' of Matthew Berry in fantasy football in 2019

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Los Angeles Chargers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Trusting in a rookie is tough.

We’ve seen and read the concerns on Kyler Murray, but one thing that seems to be coming up quite a bit is how much the fantasy industry loves Murray.

Not only do they love Murray the player, but they love Murray in Kliff Kingsbury’s system.

Matthew Berry, the Godfather of ESPN Fantasy Football wrote his yearly “Love/Hate” column and Kyler Murray was featured heavily in it.

From the article:

Quarterbacks who can run. From Weeks 12 to 17 last season, Josh Allen was the No. 1 QB in fantasy, while completing only 51.9% of his passes in that span, last among 33 qualifying signal-callers. In that same time frame, Lamar Jackson was the sixth-best QB in fantasy while completing 56.8% of his passes, 31st in the NFL. Running ability makes up for a whole bunch. I mean since 2011, Cam Newton is the second-best QB in fantasy while completing just 59.7% of his passes. So, despite the rookie status of Murray and his head coach, the shaky offensive line and the unproven pass-catchers, it’s easy to see the potential of Murray, who last year became only the second QB in FBS history to have 4,000 passing yards and 1,000 rushing yards in a single season.

Murray is unique in that he is not just a great runner, but he’s also one of the most accurate passers in college history.

Murray is NOT a bad passer. In fact, just the opposite. He completed 69% of his passes at Oklahoma last season while averaging 10.6 air yards per attempt. By comparison, the year before at Oklahoma, Baker Mayfield had a 70.5% completion rate with 10.7 air yards per attempt. Baker was the top overall pick and took over a poor offense last season. Sound familiar?

Berry is excited to see Murray in the NFL and thinks he’s going to be a huge success, at least in the fantasy sense.

What do you think?