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Who could be the surprise cut for the Arizona Cardinals in 2019?

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NFL: Preseason-Los Angeles Chargers at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Every year we go into camp knowing that the Arizona Cardinals are going to make a move or two we don’t agree with and every year they make a move and we still seem to be a bit blindsided by it.

So, what about this season?

Who are some of the players who could end up being a surprise cut by the Arizona Cardinals out of camp?

Let’s take a look.

Andre Branch - The Cardinals signed Branch a couple of weeks ago looking like they wanted a veteran to fill out their rotation. Now, with the emergence of Pete Robertson and the waiver claim of Jeff Holland, the question becomes is Branch the odd man out or...

Brooks Reed - I don’t think both vets make the roster, unless Holland and Robertson and Cameron Malveaux and Vontarrius Dora all get cut. Which I guess they could, but that means the youngest edge rusher on the Cardinals depth chart is... Chandler Jones.

T.J. Logan - Maybe it would not be a surprise, but Logan has struggled with health and the Cardinals have a plethora of return options. With Wes Hills and D.J. Foster, could Logan be the odd man out in the backfield? He played extremely well in the first preseason game, so maybe not.

Ricky Seals-Jones - Could Seals-Jones be in trouble? Another standout from the first preseason game, Seals-Jones is going to have to fight the wide receivers and the tight ends to make this roster. Game one he was definitely up. Can he keep it going in the right direction?

Who do you think could be the surprise cut for the Arizona Cardinals?