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Arizona Cardinals vs Oakland Raiders second half open thread

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Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

That was less than optimal.

I know we all want to discuss the less than stellar play of Kyler Murray, but I think there’s a bigger issue at hand.

This may be the worst defense in the NFL.

Now I know it’s early in the scheme, they continue to be without starters, including Robert Alford tonight, but they looked bad.

Now, Kyler had his first bought of struggles tonight, they brought the house quite a bit and the Cardinals offensive line was nowhere near up to the task.

In fact, the line in the run game and pass game was both bad.

Now, the other question is… Why is this team so damn undisciplined?

It got a bit better when Brett Hundley and the second team offense came in against the Raiders second and third string defense, as the Arizona Cardinals trail 26-10 at the half.

However, the warning shots were fired by the NFL today.

Let’s hope Kliff and Kyler have a strong response next week.

Oh, and enjoy the second half.