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Arizona Cardinals first team offense and defense struggle in 33-26 loss to Oakland Raiders

Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It is time to panic.

I ran out of beer in the first half and that makes the night even longer.

Outside of that, it's just preseason.

Kyler Murray was 3-8 for 12 yards and was sacked two times, one for a safety.

It was not what anyone wanted to see.

More concerning to me was that the Arizona Cardinals defense doesn’t look like it could stop a runny nose at this point.

The first team defense was run all over by Josh Jacobs and the Oakland Raiders. When they didn’t run on the Cardinals defense, they were throwing to wide open receivers.

It was a first quarter to forget.

The second quarter showed a bit more for the offense under Brett Hundley. Hundley helped put up 13 points for the team and get them something positive to look at.

The biggest thing in this game was how bad the Arizona Cardinals starting defense looked.

While they were missing Haason Reddick and this week Robert Alford, you’d still feel like there should be talent.

The Raiders opened things up by just running right at the Cardinals with rookie Josh Jacobs.

Jacobs finished the night with 4 carries for 21 yards, but his running set up the Raiders first touchdown, an open swing route to Ryan Grant that allowed him to walk into the end zone.

Then, Mike Glennon came out and his first pass made everyone scratch their head as Jordan Hicks was left in the dust by Dwayne Washington.

Glennon took the second team offense down the field setting them up for a field goal.

From there, the Arizona Cardinals first team offense continued to struggle which lead to easy points for the Raiders.

In fact…

That’s the kind of night it was.

There was a couple small shining moments, as we saw Andy Isabella’s first catch, a 59-yard touchdown that was underthrown, but he made a nice adjustment and a great catch.

Then Drew Anderson came in and drove the team down the field and scored with no time on the clock on a touchdown to Mr. Irrelevant Caleb Wilson.

For me, the biggest concern for this team is how bad the defense looks right now.

We’ve talked quite a bit about timing on offense and that it’ll take some time. That means needing the defense early.

Right now, in their 33-26 blowout loss to the Oakland Raiders, they have nothing to hang their hat on.

It’s only preseason.