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Stock Up, Stock Down following the Cardinals 33-26 preseason loss to the Oakland Raiders

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The game was ugly for the first team but as a whole wasn’t as bad as it may have seemed as guys stepped up...who didn’t?

NFL: Preseason-Oakland Raiders at Arizona Cardinals Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Cardinals had a lot of hope and optimism coming into this week 2 game against the Raiders for their fans after a strong Week 1 showing.

Much of that hope ended up being dashed by the Raiders running over the Cardinals, ending in an Arizona loss 33-26.

Some players struggled and their stock took a hit while some rose to the occasion.

Here’s a stock up, stock down for 8 members of the Cardinals after last night’s preseason festivities.

Stock Down: Kyler Murray, QB

Had to lead with Murray, and perhaps it’s worth noting that Kyler’s stock is partially down if just due to the extreme, catapulting heights that his 6/7 for 44 yard debut on one drive did for many last week.

This week, not so much, as he went 3/10 for 12 yards, missed high on a few receivers and was under duress for much of the night.

For that matter as well, there was a controversy involving him clapping “too abruptly” which some referees took as similar to simulating the snap of the ball. If Kyler clapped and it wasn’t snapped, flags were flapped and the team was slapped with a penalty. 2 of them were on Murray overall, and even postgame it seemed like Kingsbury & Murray still felt that they were within the rules of the game.

All in all, it wasn’t as bad a 2nd effort from Murray as you might believe, however. He still didn’t turn the ball over, managed to avoid pressure and also a big hit or two...except that one of the resulted in a safety.

The offense just seemed to never find a rhythm, with constant holding and false start penalties, and even a “push off” call on KeeSean Johnson on a back-shoulder fade that mystified viewers as to how it could be OPI. Perhaps the challenge flag needs to be thrown on the refs.

Or maybe it needs to be thrown on some of the lofty expectations many have had for Kyler Murray, who’s still a rookie and under a rookie head coach. There’ll be growing pains, but it still hit a little too close to home, I mean.

Stock Up: Brett Hundley, QB

Another game, another touchdown for Hundley, who looked confident and comfortable for the 2nd week in a row in the offense, and even connected on a deep bomb to Trent Sherfield, who beat two men to the endzone on a deep throw. That’s encouraging to see, as it seems like he’s never played better in games and has adapted well to this type of offense. What remains to be seen is if he’ll even be needed at all.

Honorable Mention: Chad Kanoff & Drew Anderson both drove their teams down the field with good plays to score touchdowns. Anderson’s was especially fun as there were zero seconds on the clock and an all-out blitz and a perfectly thrown ball falling away from the pressure to Caleb Wilson after he scrambled around in an impressive display of mobility.

He seems like he’s a lock for the team, at any rate.

Stock Down: Damiere Byrd, WR

Byrd had a critical concentration drop on a simple throw that would have led to a first down. He’s looked like a solid wide receiver in camp overall and has gotten plenty of time with the starting unit but, outside of that he didn’t show up or impress much at all tonight and Pharoh Cooper did more.

Given the fact the two are battling for a spot, it’ll be hard to overlook any sort of letdown that happens.

Stock Up: Trent Sherfield, WR & Andy Isabella, WR

Sherfield caught another deep TD from Hundley.

At this point it’s becoming so common we’re expecting it, heh.

Fans have waited for a lot of the offseason to see Isabella’s speed in an NFL game and not just practice. After being out, Isabella didn’t come in until most of the 3rd quarter was done. He had a pass that seemed to hit him in the hands that he couldn’t haul in and was still waiting for his first NFL catch.

But fans didn’t have to wait long.

Here’s hoping Murray deep to Isabella becomes a beautiful thing over the next few years.

Stock Up: Pete Robertson, OLB

Another game and another sack for Pete Robertson, who’s approaching Cap Capi levels of preseason superstardom with how he seems to continually make plays. He wound up with a tackle for loss as well, and as a former Texas Tech Red Raider, it’s hard to not see Kliff Kingsbury having a soft spot for him.

Stock Down: The of the defense?

I guess there’s not much else to say. The defense had difficulty stopping everyone, especially once Nathan Peterman started the zone read and keeping the football. Derek Carr, Mike Glennon and Peterman all drove down the field for score and Arizona gave up some chunk yards with the #1 defense.

Special Mention: the Cornerbacks & Safeties

Tramaine Brock got burned for a play and with the news that Robert Alford will be out for a few months, perhaps more (Adam Schefter said two months) it’s a big big hit. And they didn’t seem to ease any comforts tonight for nervous fans unfortunately.

Tyler Sigler got fooled on a zone-read and Rudy Ford got beaten by a tight end on a fade in the red zone. So for all the need for someone to step up, no one did at least last night.

Chris Jones goes from corner #4 to corner #3 and the team very well might end up signing guys if they see a similar performance come week 3.

That’s all for now.

Who were your stand outs and stand downs, Cardinals fans?