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Five takeaways from Arizona Cardinals training camp 2019

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Oakland Raiders v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Training camp is officially over for the Arizona Cardinals.

This was quite the training camp for the Cardinals and gives us a look at what to expect going forward.

Now, as they break camp, a bit broken and with questions still abound, we begin to get ready for their next preseason game and real football.

We know that Kyler Murray is likely to see an entire first half against the Minnesota Vikings on Saturday, but what else can we take from training camp 2019?

Let’s look back and forward.

  1. Kyler is King - No one has drawn more praise from his teammates and veterans alike than Kyler Murray. His grasp and handling of the offense is something that has those around him excited for the season. Even if fans are still a bit wary.
  2. Injuries take their toll again - The Cardinals lack of drafting has created a number of needs for the team. While the team has done well filling many needs, they have not been able to develop depth. So, with injuries to Robert Alford, Haason Reddick, and Justin Pugh the team is thin at important spots… per usual.
  3. We still have no idea what the offense looks like - The Cardinals have been incredibly sensitive about letting anything out on their offense with Kliff Kingsbury. It’s something that seems hard to understand for fans, but they have done nothing in the preseason and they have even had fans delete videos from practice. It’s a weird way to work, but this is the 2019 Arizona Cardinals.
  4. The questions on defense still linger - No Patrick Peterson or Robert Alford. Darius Philon was released. We have no clarity on Haason Reddick’s injury and well things look bleak.
  5. The offense will score points, the question is can the defense stop anyone? That’s the statement. That’s it.

What did you take from training camp?