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Three things about new Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle Bruce Hector

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Tennessee Titans v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

There are players that seem to be destined to carve out long careers in the NFL.

They may never have a permanent home and may never play a ton of snaps, but they are the keys to success for each and every NFL team.

That’s Bruce Hector.

I went back and watched, read and otherwise gathered all the information I could on Hector.

Here are three takeaways.

  1. He’s undersized but not undermanned. Every report you read is about the lack of size and length on Hector. It’s true, but it does not define him. In fact, it causes him to play with a nasty chip on his shoulder.
  2. He has some dog in him - You watch Hector play and that chip turns him into a man with bad intentions. He plays with his hair on fire and looks to punish the man across from him as much as the man with the ball.
  3. His positives are part of his negatives - He struggles to maintain that frenetic pace. Which is why he’s a rotational guy. He is a guy who can come in and give you 15-20 snaps a game and you feel good about it.

Ed Stinson, Josh Mauro. This is who Hector could be for the Arizona Cardinals. That is also someone they were missing last year.

Welcome aboard, Bruce Hector.