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Twitter Reacts to the Arizona Cardinals 20-9 Preseason loss to the Minnesota Vikings

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The starters played much better, and Kyler Murray impressed, but it was an up and down day for the Cardinals

NFL: Preseason-Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings Harrison Barden-USA TODAY Sports

Twitter had a field day with the Arizona Cardinals again getting some national spotlight in a morning game with no other NFL games being spotlighted.

What were the biggest social media reactions of the day?

Let’s take a look:

The pre-game began with a look at the Cardinals second 2nd (heh) round draft pick Andy Isabella and his interview with former NFL receiving great Steve Smith:

Another touching moment came from the Cards great reuniting with one of his biggest fans, a Make-A-Wish kid from 2018, making a very cool moment.

Fitz being a former ball boy for the Vikings got some mention, along with Murray’s baseball history”

The game opened with some struggles on the offensive side for Arizona...

And then, Murray heated up!

Whew. Let’s watch it again....


The defense, on the other hand....

And of course, it finally broke.

Murray led the team to a field goal drive, but missed an opportunity to score.

The Cards defense seemed to adjust, and started to get some pressure on the opponent.

One thing missing from today’s starters?

The clap for the starters.

(More on that later, however).

Some Game of Throws, huh? National media LOVED watching Murray play.

The Defense continued to impress heading into the 2nd quarter...

And Kyler, well.

He started turning it on.

Sweet Lawd almighty let’s see this again as well.

Ron Wolfley got some love for those watching in the Phoenix area:

Murray ended his day without a touchdown but with an outing fans won’t feel as nervous about.

And then...ClapGate 2.0 happened.


It’ll be something to watch moving forward.

The defense, particularly Michael Dogbe and Zach Allen, had nice games and Twitter commented.

And this from our own site manager....smh.

Chase Edmonds had an impressive tiptoe catch on the sidelines before the half.

As did KeeSean...

But in the end it was the Kyler Show, aka “Murray Mania”

Hundley went off for some deep passes, hitting some and missing some others....

One of those throws? Fitzgerald was FIRED. UP. on the sideline.

And that will about wrap it up.

What are your thoughts on the day, Cardinals fans?