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Arizona Cardinals first team looks sharp in 20-9 loss to Minnesota Vikings

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Arizona Cardinals v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

After the third preseason game, the feeling around the Arizona Cardinals is a bit different.

The team as a whole struggled last week against an Oakland Raiders team that did quite a bit of prep during the week.

This week, against a prepared, maybe not nearly as much, Minnesota Vikings team, you saw a little more from the Cardinals.

Kyler Murray was efficient and showed off the full repertoire, running and throwing the ball effectively.

There were two instances where Murray extended the play and hit receivers in the hands. Trent Sherfield didn’t work back to the ball enough on the scramble drill, then Kirk just couldn’t get his hands up fast enough.

Those things will come with time together.

It was enough to see on offense, but the better sign was the defense.

They had a nice response to last week’s debacle, despite being lean in the secondary.

You saw some more from Zach Allen and Michael Dogbe.

Chris Jones looked good in the secondary.

Deionte Thompson had some nice plays.

Overall, it was an improvement from a week ago and makes you feel a bit better heading into September 8th against the Detroit Lions.

Brett Hundley and Chase Edmonds showed some flashes in a game that ended 20-9, but the score doesn’t mean anything when you know the first team went into the half up 9-7.

We have one last preseason game to get through, but the Arizona Cardinals should have you excited for game one.