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Arizona Cardinals franchise quarterback looks good, red zone offense looks bad and the run defense is just ugly

NFL: Preseason-Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings Harrison Barden-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the Sunday after the Arizona Cardinals 20-9 loss to the Minnesota Vikings in their third preseason game.

After a rocky preseason game two, we saw the first team offense rebound, and the Cardinals held a 9-7 lead heading into halftime.

It was a good day for the first unit.

However, it wasn’t all good, let’s take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly coming out of the Cardinals third preseason game.


  • Kyler Murray was efficient and effective. He made several good throws and looked like he is finally getting into a rhythm. Not bad for only throwing 36 preseason passes.
  • Offensive line starts to get into rhythm. Not great, but the first time the first unit was together, it was better than anything else we have seen thus far.
  • Rookies looking good. With one exception, the rookie class was strong today.
  • Kicking and punting units look strong, coverage still a work in progress.


  • The offense finally got into a rhythm in between the 20’s, but there needs to be more effective play in the redzone. Field goals will not cut it with this defense.
  • Footing. The field turf wasn’t great on several plays where players went to turn up field and went down.
  • Pass defense. Blown coverage early got cleaned up throughout the day, but how does the day change if Kirk Cousins doesn’t overshoot one and Adam Theilen is healthy? Also, consistent pass rush would be nice.


  • The run defense is getting mauled at the point of attack too often.
  • Andy Isabella gotta catch the ball. All the great goes away if you can’t catch the ball.