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Arizona Cardinals near the bottom of available cap space according to one report

Arizona Cardinals OTA’s Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Steve Keim is in churn mode when it comes to the roster, but he’s running out of Monopoly money.

According to the NFL’s internal report the Arizona Cardinals are among the teams with the least amount of salary cap room remaining.

What’s even more interesting is the prior tweet, that shows the teams with the most money and to compare where the Cardinals are in terms of roster shape versus some of those other teams.

The Cardinals biggest problem remains dead money they are paying out to just not have guys on the roster anymore.

The Cardinals have the second most dead money on their payroll, only trailing… the Miami Dolphins. Which makes it even more interesting that the two teams that habitually find themselves as the last two in power rankings are the top two in dead money.

By the way, the New York Giants are third.

Keim still has a bit of wiggle room as he sheds veteran contracts before the first week and they become fully guaranteed, but as of now, they’re near the bottom.