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Arizona Cardinals vs Denver Broncos second half open thread

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Arizona Cardinals v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

It’s been what you expect from a fourth preseason game.

The Arizona Cardinals have had some solid moments with players like KeeSean Johnson, Andy Isabella and even Ricky Seals-Jones. Yet, it’s been mostly ugly.

Two sacks, two fumbles on big catch and runs and another Brandon Williams touchdown surrendered have the Arizona Cardinals trailing at halftime of their fourth and final preseason game.

Brett Hundley continued to show command of the offense, going 7-8 for 55 yards, but took an ill-advised sack on fourth and two and came up short on a third down run that stifled two drives.

The third drive was shut down due to a RSJ fumble after a nifty catch and run.

Drew Anderson replaced Hundley and on his best drive of the night, Caleb Wilson fumbled.

The defense forced two turnovers, an interception by bubble guy Nate Brooks and then late by Tanner Vallejo.

Also, Vontarrius Dora had his best half of the preseason.

It’s been good and bad, something you expect from a fourth preseason game.

Let’s hope for health as we watch the last two quarters of the 2019 preseason.