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What the Cardinals’ 1st Depth Chart Suggests

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NFL: Arizona Cardinals-Training Camp Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

To be clear, the Cardinals have yet to play a pre-season game. Thus, from week to week, depending on game grades, there is likely to be some movement along the Cardinals’ depth chart.

However, in taking a close look at the Cardinals’ 1st depth chart, here is what I believe it suggests:


QB (2): Murray, Hundley

RB (2): Johnson, Edmonds

WR (6): Fitzgerald, Kirk, White, Isabella, Butler, Johnson

TE (2): Clay, Williams

T (3): Humphries, Gilbert, Cunningham

G (3): Pugh, Sweezy, Gaillard

C (2): Cole, Shipley

NT (1): Peters

DE (3): Philon, Gunter, Allen

OLB (3): Jones, Suggs, Reed

ILB (4): Hicks, Reddick, Gardeck, Turner* (ST)

CB (3): Alford, Brock, Murphy (S—-Peterson)

S (4): Baker, Swearinger, D. Thompson, J. Thompson

ST (3): Gonzalez, Lee, Brewer

Total: 41


RB (3): Logan, Strickland, Foster

WR (3): Sherfield, Byrd, Cooper

TE (2): Seals-Jones, Wilson

T (2): Odhiambo, Miles

G (2): Gossett, (Garcia—PUP)

NT (2): Brown, Valentine

DE (2): McClain, Dogbe

OLB (4): Robertson, Dora, Malveaux, Branch

ILB (2): Walker, Vallejo

CB (3): Jones, Brooks, Nichols

S (1): Shaw


QB (2): Kanoff, Anderson

RB (1): Hills

WR (2): (Williams), Richardson

TE (2): Daniels, Belcher

T (2): Sweet, Lawrence

G (2): Vujnovich, Ehinger

C (1): Shelton

DE (1): Bailey

OLB (1): Taumoepenu

CB (1): (Williams)

S (3:: Owens, Ford, Sigler

ST (1): Winslow


  • In my opinion, there is no way the Cardinals are going to waive any of the draft picks they took in Rounds 1-6.
  • The 7th rounders (T Miles, DE Dogbe and TE Wilson) are for now on the bubble, but each can make a strong case for the 53 in the pre-season, because each has veterans on the bubble ahead of them right now on the depth chart. In the case of a tie, the pick should go to the younger player.
  • With the Cardinals having the #1 pick in waiver claims, all of the players currently on the bubble have to make a conclusive 53 man roster case to their spots could be taken by waiver wire additions.
  • Several of the long shots have a decent chance of earning a spot on the practice squad.

Let’s have some fun with this—-post your predictions for the 53—-and we will do this each week of the pre-season following each of the 4 games.

The fan who gets the most number of players correct before the final cuts wins a Kyler Murray T-Shirt:

Here’s my updated projection (now based on the 1st depth chart)

QB (2): Murray, Hundley

RB (3): Johnson, Edmonds, Logan

WR (7): Fitzgerald, Kirk, White, Isabella, Butler, Johnson, Sherfield

TE (2): Clay, Williams

T (4): Humphries, Gilbert, Cunningham, Odhiambo

G (4): Pugh, Sweezy, Gaillard, Gossett

C (2): Cole, Shipley

NT (2): Peters, Brown

DE (5): Philon, Gunter, Allen, McClain, Dogbe

OLB (5): Jones, Suggs, Reed, Robertson, Branch

ILB (5): Hicks, Reddick, Gardeck, Turner, Walker

CB (4): Alford, Brock, Murphy, Jones

S (5): Baker, Swearinger, Shaw, D. Thompson, J, Thompson

ST (3): Gonzalez, Lee, Brewer

Go ahead—-tell us what you’ve got—-what are yours?