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Arizona Cardinals Red and White Practice shows off Kyler Murray, as well as some concerns heading into 2019

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NFL: JUL 26 Cardinals Training Camp Photo by Kevin Abele/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Happy Red and White Practice day one and all.

Blake Murphy was on the ground and will have all the live info tomorrow morning, but what happened today? Let’s take a look.

Chad Williams is a bit disappointing, hope he gets healthy and can catch on somewhere, cause I don’t see how he stays in Arizona.

How I plan on watching all Cards games in 2019.

Again, it’s a first for Kliff as well. He’s trying to figure things out and making this as close to a game is smart.

These are really the things that matter and that we should be watching.

Always good.

I think it’s Shipley right now, I’m not sure.

I’m here for this.

Three wide receivers, one running back, one right end.

Chandler Jones could be a problem for the NFL in 2019. Playing the Von Miller role.

Lots of concern with this.

Ooh, 12 personnel.

Less than optimal.

This is not what you want to see. Hopefully it’s more the 2nd team.

Things change on a dime. Making the field goal in this type of situation may mean more than those misses.

Hakeem Butler struggling with the third team but now showing those flashes.

Thanks to everyone on the ground, hope you had a good time.