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2019 Revenge of the Birds Yahoo Fantasy Football League

Welcome one and all to the 2019 Revenge of the Birds Yahoo Fantasy Football League.

We are looking to make this one of the best seasons yet so we have revamped who is involved and will be requiring the new people who join to be much more highly involved this season.

The five returners are Robert Ban, AndyStandsUp, Scott VL and Wesley as well as me.

We have at least five spots open and up to nine spots depending on those who are willing to jump in.

This is a great chance to get to have fun and maybe take some of my hard earned money in the process.

That’s right, this season, the king of the RotB Fantasy League will win an authentic Arizona Cardinals jersey of your choice.

That’s why there will be a vetting process as we get to our teams filled.

You must be an active member of the boards, sorry if you are newer, and you must be involved in the league.

So send me an email, no comments section on this one and the three gatekeepers, Andy, Ban and myself will ultimately decide how many we want to bring in.

If you do not make the initial cut, just stay around because if someone is not keeping up, the first one on the waitlist will be up.

I look forward to a fun filled NFL season and a hotly contested fantasy football season.