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3 Winners and 2 Losers from the 2019 Preseason

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Arizona Cardinals v Denver Broncos
Despite the game having not started, Kyler Murray was penalized for this false start.
Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images


Brett Hundley: Despite his relative inexperience, #7 did just about all he could to prove himself as the team’s backup signal caller. It’s never a theory anyone wants to see tested, but the Arizona native seems poised to answer the call should he need to see regular season action.

Zane Gonzalez: After a perfect preseason, might the Cardinal’s long struggles with the position be over? There’s not much to say, Gonzalez did everything that was asked of him. Now it just needs to all be tied together when the games matter.

The Rookies: With the exceptions of wideouts Isabella and Butler, the entire class has thus far rewarded the faith placed in them by the FO. Murray has had his ups and downs but flashed the talent that made him the #1, KeeSean Johnson made his case for WR3, seventh round pick Joshua Miles won the backup LT job (for now) and the rest all flashed their potential on multiple occasions.

Honorable Mention: Trent Sherfield made splashes early on in the preseason, was it enough earn a big role in the passing game?


The Offensive Line: A point of concern going into the season, the unit consistently struggled to provide protection in the pass and to perhaps an even more distressing degree - given what should be the strengths of the individuals - failed to provide push in the run game. It’s a long season and chemistry can be built, but things could get ugly quick with the stout defensive fronts they’ll face right out of the gate.

The Run Defense: Another lingering issue from last season and something that reared it’s ugly head from game to game, both the first and backup units struggled in run defense. It’s wise to prioritize the pass defense in this day and age, but at the same time this phase of the D cannot be an Achilles’ Heel, especially when prone to the big plays.

Honorable Mention: The refs. Seriously, make up your minds.