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Arizona Cardinals 2019 cut tracker

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It’s never easy saying goodbye. And that’s what the Arizona Cardinals and their fans will have to do to at least 37 players every season in order to cut the 90 man roster down to 53 by Saturday at 1 PM, Arizona time.

There was early news about releases and moves happening with the team as early as Friday:

As we await the full list from the Arizona Cardinals, it's interesting to note that there really are no surprises thus far.

Cooper didn't do much in either the return game or as a wide receiver, outside of one great catch.

Sigler and Nichols both looked over matched athletically too often to warrant more of a look.

Rees may have been the worst lineman in camp, that's saying something.

Williams has been trending this way for two years and Malveaux just didn't have enough juice to push the first and second team.

So, all in all no surprises so far.