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Arizona Cardinals announce A.Q. Shipley as starting center

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NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Despite a strong showing in the final preseason game with the starters, Mason Cole’s game started streak is likely over.

The second-year center lost his battle with veteran A.Q. Shipley for the starting center position.

From Coach Kingsbury:

“We feel like Mason is very valuable at a number of positions, whether it’s center or guard,” Kingsbury said. “He can get us through a game at tackle, even. So he’s maybe the most valuable O-lineman we have.”

That’s the rub. As Walter pointed out yesterday, there seems to be a continued missed opportunity for young players to grow into a stable role. This time, it is Cole who is being asked to man a number of spots as a Swiss Army Knife along the offensive line.

Congratulations to A.Q. Shipley for coming back strong from his ACL surgery and accomplishing his goal of being the starter for the Arizona Cardinals in 2019.

Let’s hope for health and success for both players moving forward after a hard fought competition.