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Justin Pugh could miss a couple weeks of camp with shoulder injury

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NFL: JUL 26 Cardinals Training Camp Photo by Kevin Abele/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It seemed like the Arizona Cardinals had escaped the Red and White Practice unscathed.

In fact, there were no major injuries but one minor one did pop up.

Justin Pugh will miss some time with an apparent shoulder injury.

Pugh is in year two of a big five-year contract and has spent more time on IR than in games his last season with the New York Giants and his first season in Arizona.

It was part of the concern the Giants had with re-signing Pugh and why they let him walk to Arizona.

Now, this seems like a minor thing that should cost Pugh absolutely zero games in the regular season, but it also is another in a laundry list of injuries the talented guard has dealt with.

The Arizona Cardinals need Justin Pugh, so two to three weeks off, to get ready for the regular season is not a huge deal.

However, they need Pugh on the field and healthy.

Let’s hope this is just a minor bump in his redemption season.