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Cards’ Tuesday Topics

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NFL: Arizona Cardinals-Training Camp Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
  • Because the Cardinals have already been making good use of the #1 waiver claim, expect more trades like the Jets made yesterday with the Ravens for G Alex Lewis. All the teams in the NFL know the Cardinals are looking to add pieces on the offensive line—-and, as a result—-if the Cardinals are high on a bubble offensive linemen—-they should consider making some trades themselves.
  • With G Justin Pugh already injured and with Ts D.J. Humphries and Marcus Gilbert getting days off (amidst speculation that Gilbert may be dealing with an injury) there already appears to be a cloud of uncertainty hovering over the Cardinals’ offensive line.
  • To play effectively in the brisk, fast-paced K-Raid, all of the Cardinals’ offensive players need to be in tip-top shape and thus this will become a Darwinian test of “survival of the fittest.” With that in mind, I believe very strongly that we are going to see some surprise moves along the offensive line and that the healthiest and best conditioned will win the starting jobs.
  • The two deepest positions, talent-wise, on the Cardinals’ roster are at WR and S. If some of the current WRs and Ss factor heavily into Jeff Rodgers’ ST plans, we could see 8 WRs and 5 Ss make the 53 man roster.
  • Adding WR Michael Crabtree to an already deep WR unit would be a superfluous move, imo. First of all, there aren’t enough footballs to go around to satisfy a player like Crabtree. Secondly, he would have to be in supreme shape to come right in, pick up his old college offense, play at a fast pace and stay healthy. Thirdly, he wouldn’t help the team on STs—-when a number of the WRs on the current roster would. The Cardinals need to stay committed to their youth.
  • A couple of bubble guys who are making their case in recent days are RB/KR T.J. Logan and S Rudy Ford both of whom scored long TDs on splash plays. Logan’s 66 yard TD run came against the 1st team defense. And Rudy Ford’s interception off a tipped pass and subsequent lightning bolt sprint to the end zone was a nice reminder of Ford’s nifty 6 cylinder engine. Speed wins and these two guys have plenty of it, although both of them have yet to carve out specific roles on their sides of the ball.
  • A couple of under the radar players even with Logan and Ford on the depth chart are RB Dontae Strickland and S Jonathan Owens. Keep an eye on them Thursday night.
  • if in the pre-season games, like at Saturday’s Red and White practice, QB Brett Hundley struggles and QB Drew Anderson impresses—-could Kingsbury and Clements tab Anderson as QB2? Up until Saturday, the coaches have been pleased with Hundley’s play—-but there may be a fascination with Anderson.
  • One of the surprise performers thus far has been former Texas Tech edge LB Pete Robertson who has been asserting his presence and ability as an edge rusher. I wrote a “JAG” article on Robertson a few weeks ago:

  • When I took a close look at Pete Robertson’s aggressive and physical style of play—-he reminds me a lot of former Cardinal and now highly productive OLB with the Bills, Lorenzo Alexander. Check out this inside rip move, sack and forced fumble:

  • Kliff Kingsbury said of Robertson, “I think he has some real pass rush ability (at Texas Tech under Kingsbury he led the Big 12 in sacks his senior year of 2014 with 13). Tough player, will give us special teams value. It’s a dogfight at some of those outside linebacker positions, but he’s a guy who’s been consistent, been available and just needs to keep progressing.”
  • Who are your picks for surprise Cardinal during the pre-season games?

Mine are: on offense—-WR Damiere Bryd; on defense—-OLB Pete Robertson; on STs—-S Jalen Thompson.