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Twitter reacts to Kyler Murray’s debut in Preseason Week 1’s Chargers vs. Cardinals

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All eyes tuned in to the nationally televised game to see K1 take his first snaps, what were the best tweets of the night?

NFL: Preseason-Los Angeles Chargers at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the world (or at least the state of Arizona) tuned in to see Kyler Murray’s first debut in a game without meaning.

But the meaning that it did have was definitely profound for a lot of people on social media.

Below are some of the Twitter highlights, the best takes, tweets and GIF’s of the Arizona Cardinals 17-13 preseason victory over the San Diego Chargers.

To start, Murray dropped a line supporting fellow young Valley star athlete Devin Booker by rocking a pair of his sneakers, as well as a Korean soccer jersey (he does have Asian heritage after all, folks).

But enough talk, now WE had to deal with Kyler Murray, as Kliff Kingsbury once said. So...




It began with the Chargers on offense and they kiiiinda gashed the Cardinals on the ground up until a fumble was caused by Jordan Hicks, saving what looked to be a touchdown:

And then it was time for K1’s debut on the 2-yard line, no less.

And the takes they were a-coming...

The height was definitely a commentary as Murray DOES look small out there...

But he certainly didn’t play small.

Here’s his first drive as a pro in a preseason NFL game:

Perfect? I guess you could say that.

His escapability (and swag) was incredible from all angles...

So of course, Murray had MORE than a few fans before the end of the night witnessing, well, an impressive overall debut.

And they keep coming....

That wasn’t all for the game of course, as the Chargers landed a score but the Cardinals valiantly fought back and finished the half with an impressive touchdown to Trent Sherfield:

How does he do it? In a unique way....

Let’s look at that ONE more time...

A field goal was made by Zane Gonzalez as well, who’s had a lack of competition at the kicking job so far this year. Seems like it’s been earned as he nailed it with room to spare.

So the Cardinals took the lead and entered into the 2nd half with a pick from QB Drew Anderson but a recovery off of a hit fumble (that was sadly overturned).

But they got one anyway off of a takeaway from Tyler Siegler:

Good to see the man delaying some gratification paying off in the NFL, eh? (Story below)

And the Cards finished off the touchdown drive, capped off by Wes Hills rumbling into the endzone.

The Chargers got a late score and the Cardinals

And in the end, someone sent me a tweet that shows that maybe the best cure that shows something powerful is when something turns a non-believer into one, like Kyler did for some tonight:

I hope more of those chills will be coming in the future myself.

What were your thoughts or favorite tweets from K1’s debut? Sound off in the comments section!