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Arizona Cardinals unorthodox offseason continues with a new look roster

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Arizona Cardinals Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Two tight ends?

Seven wide receivers?

Only three healthy cornerbacks?

This is what happens when things change in the NFL.

While the Arizona Cardinals only have 51 players on their 53 man roster, meaning their first two waiver claims are free to the roster, it is an odd way of building a roster.

Yet, those are three things that standout in an otherwise simple day where the team releases what their roster looks like.

The two tight ends make sense.

Both Charles Clay and Maxx Williams are multi-faceted players. While rookie Caleb Wilson and former breakout candidate Ricky Seals-Jones are mostly receiving threats.

I guess the idea is, if you want receiving threats, keep more wide receivers.

That is the idea behind the Kliff Kingsbury and offensive system. Why have players because that is what usually happens?

What will Wilson and Seals-Jones do that Isabella, Sherfield and Byrd won’t?

The most perplexing thing from the first roster of the season is the three corners. Sure, they technically have five, but with Patrick Peterson suspended and Robert Alford injured, they only have three healthy bodies in Tramaine Brock, Chris Jones and Byron Muprhy.

That must be where those two open roster spots are going, right?

It is an interesting way of creating a roster, but most of it makes sense.

Even the three corners make sense, if the team comes into Monday with five healthy bodies.

What were your takeaways from the Arizona Cardinals first roster?