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Arizona Cardinals Jonathan Bullard, Lamont Gaillard miss practice with injuries, Larry Fitzgerald and Charles Clay with day off

Detroit Lions v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

What a difference a week makes.

After the concern with Haason Reddick and Lamont Gaillard last week, then the Marcus Gilbert bombshell, the Wednesday injury report for the Arizona Cardinals heading into their matchup with the Baltimore Ravens looks downright tame.

Obviously the Jonathan Bullard injury is a bit of concern, especially after the defensive line played fairly well last game, but with just Bullard and Gaillard on DNP, it seems better than last week.

Then, you look at the Baltimore Ravens injury report and you wonder how the Ravens will field a cornerback unit.

The entire starting cornerback room was on the DNP list for the Ravens and that could be a good thing for the Arizona Cardinals, especially after their slow start last week.

The other thing to watch is both Marquise Brown and Mark Ingram, as those are two big parts of the Ravens offense.

Let’s hope everyone is healthy heading into the game.