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Arizona Cardinals fans confidence grows after tie with Detroit Lions

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Detroit Lions v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

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Last week, before the first game of the season the Arizona Cardinals fans were not excited or confident in where the team was headed.

After three quarters, if you had polled fans, the confidence in the direction of the team would have been close to 0%.

Yet, a furious fourth quarter comeback had a huge impact on what the fans think of the Arizona Cardinals direction.

Cardinals fans changed up quite a bit, as their confidence in the direction of the team rose from 47% before the first game to 68% after their first game.

A huge 21% rise was the second highest of any fanbase, only the fans over at Cincy Jungle have changed their opinion more.

It is quite the jump in the positive direction.

Of course, who was the the most disappointing team in week one? The fans could not wait to crap on the Cleveland Browns.

Notice the theme, AFC North teams.

The Cardinals play the AFC North this year, so this is definitely something to watch.

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