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Arizona Cardinals fall short in 23-17 loss to Baltimore Ravens

Arizona Cardinals v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Dan Kubus/Getty Images

It’s not the start we wanted, but it is likely better than the start many expected.

The Arizona Cardinals fell to the Baltimore Ravens in another close one, 23-17 as they had chances late, but looked a bit out of sync this week after finding their way earlier in the game.

While the 0-1-1 record is a bit of a disappointment because the team was in a position to win both games, they have especially exceeded expectations from those in Vegas.

Kyler Murray continues to show he was the right move for this franchise, finishing 25/40 for 349. The problem was he and the offense stalled in the red zone consistently.

That falls on Kliff Kingsbury, as you could see he became conservative when he was in the red zone. Kliff abandoned the run game in those situations early and it made it easy for the defense.

Speaking of defense, the Cardinals defense tightened up in the second half, but Lamar Jackson continues to make the NFL look silly.

Lamar threw for 272 yards and two touchdowns and ran for another 120 yards.

It was the outline to what the Cardinals should be doing with Kyler Murray, but the training wheels seem to still be on.

It was not the result we wanted, but it was better than many expected.

Let’s see if the team can get their first win next week against the Carolina Panthers.