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Loss to Carolina Panthers sends confidence of Arizona Cardinals fans crashing down

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NFL: Carolina Panthers at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

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Want to tank the fans confidence in the direction your franchise is heading?

For the first time in 312 days, since the Arizona Cardinals game against the Oakland Raiders last November 18, 2018, the Cardinals were favorites. That was nine games ago.

So, when the Arizona Cardinals get boat raced by a Kyle Allen lead Carolina Panthers it is not surprised to see the confidence of the fans tank.

In fact, this is the lowest it has been since the end of last season when the Arizona Cardinals fired Steve Wilks and no one knew what was next.

The Cardinals fell from 67% all the way down to 35%. It will be interesting to watch how the confidence goes this week against the Seahawks.

What was interesting is that the Cardinals were one of the teams that had the highest percentage of votes from the national poll of winless teams that could still make the playoffs, finishing fourth.

Not shocking that the Pittsburgh Steelers are the winners as their fanbase is rabid and may be a bit delusional as well. We will see.

If I had to pick a team, gun to my head, it would probably be Pittsburgh as well, simply because the Browns have stunk and the Bengals are in the division as well.

What do you think?