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Arizona Cardinals vs Seattle Seahawks preview

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NFL: Carolina Panthers at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s take a look back at last week, where we talked about expectations.

Jess and I talked last episode about how the first two weeks changed the expectations for the Carolina Panthers game. That meant, we were expecting a win.

Boy, things got out of hand.

That means we had to reset and refocus the expectations to where they were before, so let’s listen in this week to the newest episode of the Rise Up, See Red Podcast.

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The approximate timestamps for each topic of conversation are below:

(2:40) Reactions to the Michael Crabtree release

(24:06) Changes in perspective on the team and expectations after the team’s loss to the Panthers

(33:14) The good and the bad on offense vs. the Panthers

(45:22) The good and the bad on defense vs. the Panthers

(59:47) Scouting report on the Seattle Seahawks

(1:08:32) How the Cardinals match up, keys to victory and predictions

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