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Twitter reacts to the Arizona Cardinals’ 27-10 Loss to the Seattle Seahawks

What were the biggest and best tweets from Carson Palmer’s induction and Larry Fitzgerald’s record day?

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

While the Arizona Cardinals still don’t have a win, Twitter won the day for a number of reasons.

The Cardinals had another disappointing loss to the Seattle Seahawks but two key players, one current and one former, had big days while the team’s General Manager...didn’t.

The day started with a conversation between two “GOAT’s”:

Very cool! Rice was rooting for Fitzgerald to move into #2 of all time (although let’s be honest it’s a bit different than if he was surpassing him).

Also important was the fact that a new member was being added to the Cardinals ring of honor in Carson Palmer:

Of course it wasn’t without some controvery from Seattle Seahawks fans...

An interesting point in how Palmer was added in part for the person he was, but also demonstrated how Arizona’s seen little great QB play over its storied history.

As for the game itself, it got off to a similar start as other past Cardinals games in 2019...a great drive down the field that unfortunately didn’t end in points once they got into the red zone. Oof.

The new holder in place of the injured Andy Lee might have had something to do with it, but you’ll never hear a kicker blame their holder.

The Seahawks got a field goal and the Cardinals took back over and then....disaster struck.

Ouch. Tough to throw on a screen pass and a great play by Clowney which of course put Arizona on the back end and playing from behind once again.

The Cardinals however recovered and went on another drive deep into Seahawks territory that stalled once again and once again...the field goal was missed again.

Double Oof.

The Cardinals ended up getting a field goal on the ensuing possession only to see their old nemesis return. The tight end.

The Cardinals struggled and came out of the half after giving up another field goal and entering 20-3 at the half.

During Halftime, Carson Palmer gave a speech and saw his name hung up in the ring of honor with numerous other Cardinal greats.

So cool to see.

The 3rd quarter was mostly a dud but in the 4th quarter, the Cardinals offense sparked to life.

Murray ended up scoring his first rushing touchdown of his career on a well designed quarterback draw. Maybe a little bit of Murray Magic was possible!

With 10 minutes left the Cardinals needed a stop. Of course, the Seahawks managed to run the ball all the way to the other side of the field and multiple penalties kept the Hawks in it until there were basically no time outs and only enough time for one garbage time drive.

The game ended unfortunately on a Murray sack and a worrisome injury for Christian Kirk:

Here’s hoping Kirk can come back quickly.

And in the end, what can you say? It was a disappointment across the board.

Most fans weren’t too pleased with the talent level they had expected for a competitive team this year and ultimately the one they got was far below those expectations. And the person who got the blame for it was Steve Keim...

Even longtime beat writer Kent Somers’ optimism seems to be fading around the general manager (to be fair he’s always been a realist)

And in the end, maybe some expectations are just too much...