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Arizona Cardinals will release D.J. Swearinger per Ian Rapoport

Carolina Panthers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

The moves are being made.

A day after a disappointing performance from the team against the Seattle Seahawks, the Arizona Cardinals are releasing veteran safety D.J. Swearinger per Ian Rapoport.

Swearinger was one of the key claims the Arizona Cardinals made, last season, with the top waiver priority.

He played at a high level in Washington but was let go by the Redskins because of inflammatory comments made about the coaching staff.

Now he is being released by the Cardinals because he just has not been very good.

The safety may have been a bit misused in the Cardinals defense, but there was plenty of issues for Swearinger that were under his control.

He has struggled tackling, highlighted yesterday in the fourth quarter when running back Chris Carson was able to run through his tackle attempt on a second and long play to get a first down.

Swearinger was one of the supposed veterans the Cardinals would lean on to revamp their failing defense, but Swearinger has been perhaps the biggest liability on the field.

We will see where he ends up and if it was truly the scheme or something else.