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Fanpost Competition: August Winner, Details for September

Another strong month is in the books as we get ready for the 2019 season to start. We had some heavy hitters this month, so let’s hear it for ag832 (1st place) and in second AZ_Cardinals_Fan! (Be on the lookout for an email from myself.)

Both brought some big pieces, and if you missed it when they were featured, do yourself a favor and give them a read. “From Rosen to Kyler: A Personal Perspective” and “Eventually You Have to Pay Your Debts” are among my favorite fanposts since we started this competion. Well done.

For the month of September, the two winners will receive a $75 or $15 gift card to (Prizes may vary for international members.)

It’s simple to qualify, here’s how.

  • Submit one or more Fanposts during this month (Yes, this is retroactive to the 1st).
  • Keep your content PG.
  • Follow the Community Guidelines

You also have the opportunity to have your Fanpost featured on the front page!

And if you need a hand, see this Fanpost guide or feel free to hit me up. I can be emailed at or on twitter @robert_ban.

Good luck!