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Join the 2019 ROTB Pick ‘Em League

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Do you want to go head to head against fellow members and see who forecasts the NFL matchups the best? Well, uh, I wish I had a wordy pitch for this but it’s pretty simple.

Email me at if you want in.

We’ll be doing Pick ‘Ems via Yahoo Pro Pick ‘Ems. It’ll be a straight up “most correct picks” with some tiebreakers should they be needed. This will also continue through to the playoffs.

At stake is a hand picked loot box of Arizona Cardinals goodies and gear, and of course, bragging rights. (Prize may vary for international members.)

EDIT: It’s not too late to sign up, you have up until 5 minutes before the Thurs. Night Packers vs. Bears to make your selection for that game, though you want to account for the time it takes you to sign up.