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Arizona Cardinals fans lose confidence in team coming out of preseason

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NFL: Oakland Raiders at Arizona Cardinals Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

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Fickle is often an understatement when it comes to the fans in Arizona.

The excitement of a new head coach and new quarterback dissipated quickly after a lackluster performance in week two of the preseason and never really rebounded.

Now, heading into the season, fans are again waffling on the direction of the team.

After the drafting of Kyler Murray and trade of Josh Rosen, heading into the preseason the confidence level had maintained with 65% of fans feeling good about the direction of the organization.

Now, after the preseason where the team admittedly held almost everything back, fans confidence has dropped, as fans are only 47% confident in the direction of the organization.

In the National FanPulse question, which team is most likely to go worst to first, few see that kind of rise from the Arizona Cardinals.

They had a 5% chance according to the fans of going from worst to first.

The Jacksonville Jaguars were overwhelmingly the favorite to go worst to first and it makes sense. The Jags have a great shot to take advantage of the Andrew Luck retirement and be at the top of the AFC South.

We'll see how everyone feels next week after the first game, but it is a bit perplexing to see the confidence in the Cardinals drop so much heading into week one.