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2019 NFL Week one TV Maps

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL is back and that means we need to have an idea of what the heck we will be watching each and every Sunday.

This week, the TV Maps for the league are out and here is what we in Arizona will be watching.

If you are out of town, check out your regions TV maps as well.

CBS Single Game

Arizona will get to enjoy the Kansas City Chiefs at the Jacksonville Jaguars. Should be a good game with a nice look at one of the better defenses in the NFL against the best offense in the NFL.

Tennessee Titans at the Cleveland Browns is the only really interesting game to me outside of KC vs Jax.

Early Game Fox

Most of the country is divided amongst the three games. For us in Arizona, we will be watching the LA Rams take on the Carolina Panthers.

Fox Late Game

If you are not in Arizona, Michigan, parts of California or Florida, you will be watching the Giants and the Cowboys play.

The rest of us will enjoy our local NFL team.

Enjoy the games!