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Kyler Murray delivers the magic in the fourth quarter, as the Arizona Cardinals tie 27-27 with Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

What a second half.

After a lethargic first three quarters for the Arizona Cardinals, they finally seemed to find some tempo and pace that created the opportunities that they have needed for this offense.

What happened, a flurry of action for the Cardinals offense that was absent for the last year.

Kyler Murray was spectacular in the fourth quarter going 15-19 for 154 yards and two touchdowns.

He and Kliff unleashed the offense in a way that had not happened in the first half.

They pulled out all the stops, going read option, triple option and moving players horizontally throughout the game to create windows.

It was an 18-point comeback to get to overtime and a bit of Murray magic.

Then, the Arizona Cardinals won the toss in overtime and it was the Kyler Murray and Larry Fitzgerald show again. They were able to get the Arizona Cardinals down into the red zone and set up the fourth Zane Gonzalez field goal of the day.

Then it was up to the Cardinals defense again.

They did a great job, sans three blown coverages. Those three coverages did not define them in this game.

It was the stops that made the difference in the game for the Cardinals and allowed them to come back.

They gave up the field goal to tie again during over time, but that meant that Kyler Murray and the offense could go down and find a way to win this game for the Arizona Cardinals.

Unfortunately, the result was a tie as the Arizona Cardinals came up short, despite two chances late to win the game.

A slow start, a fast finish and hope for the future.

Not the worst first game.