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A reminder from the editor

After one game it is pretty safe to say that the fans that want to see Kyler Murray fail over something he had no control over continue to be... Well not real Arizona Cardinals fans.

I was not going to write this, in fact I don’t know why I would need to write this, but for those of you who cannot comprehend what happened five months ago, there is no player named Josh Rosen on this team.

If you are an Arizona Cardinals fan your head coach is Kliff Kingsbury.

Your quarterback is Kyler Murray.

If you don’t like that, that is fine, that’s your business, I’d seek some counseling or some sort of support group of being this mad five months later but again, that’s your prerogative.

The behavior on the boards is reprehensible.

Every single day I wake up to emails complaining about the board because of how toxic it is at this point, which again is five months later.

For those that don’t check at the very beginning of the Community Guidelines:

SB Nation is a network of communities where sports fans from all backgrounds gather to share their passion for the teams they love. We strive to create a fun and welcoming place for everyone to come fan with us. These guidelines help ensure that happens across SB Nation’s communities. Here’s the short version:

  • Be respectful in your interactions with contributors and fellow fans.
  • Don’t be a jerk, and don’t call other people jerks. We’ll remove anything we see that jeopardizes our communities.

Nowhere does it state you have to hail Murray as a savior or the next great NFL quarterback, but if someone wants too, how does it hurt you to let them be excited?

I mean, aren’t you a fan of the team that Murray plays on?

Don’t you want to see the Cardinals and by proxy Murray be successful? Or is the hate in your heart so bad you just want this team to fail?

Remember, the boards are an option, they are not a right.

Fans want to come and be excited about the Arizona Cardinals.

As traffic on this site continues to grow, you know what has gone down in a massive way? Comments. Why? Because new people are afraid to come on the board to be excited about the team they cheer for.

They don’t want to be in another war of Murray vs the guy in Miami who can’t get on the field.

So, let’s play nice.