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Happy New Year for the Arizona Cardinals

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

20 years into the new millennium and the Arizona Cardinals have given us… Well they have given us some memories.

Hopefully with Kyler Murray and company the next 20 years will be the best and most successful for the Arizona Cardinals.

Let’s remember the first 20 of the 2000’s.

2000 - The Arizona Cardinals would beat the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football 32-31 to move to 1-1. They would finish the season 3-13 with Scott Player their lone Pro Bowler.

2001 - The Arizona and would take Leonard Davis with the second pick and finish at 7-9 and in fourth place in the NFC East, their final season in the division. Fun Fact: The Cardinals had a week one bye, the last time in NFL history.

2002 - A move to the NFC West and a last place finish in Jake Plummer’s final season in Arizona.

2003 - Anquan Boldin burst onto the scene with 217 yards receiving in his first game. The Cardinals would go 4-12 and fire Dave McGinnis.

2004 - Dennis Green and the Arizona Cardinals have the best draft in franchise history as they nab Larry Fitzgerald, Karlos Dansby, Darnell Dockett and Antonio Smith and finish 6-10 and not last in the NFC West for the first time.

2005 - The Arizona Cardinals play the first regular season game outside of the United States in Eatadio Azteca in Mexico City. The Cardinals lead the NFL in passing yards with 4,437. They have the least amount of rushing yards and fifth-fewest in NFL history for a 16 game season with 1,138 yards.

2006 - The first season in the new stadium and one of the most memorable melt downs in NFL history leading to Dennis Green being fired.

2007 - Ken Whisenhunt is hired and the Cardinals pass on Adrian Peterson to draft Levi Brown because they “need” and offensive tackle (beware). Cards finish 8-8, first time this millennium they are not under .500

2008 - Nothing more to say than, “We do this together

2009 - Back-to-back NFC West titles, two of three in franchise history, and another playoff win before succumbing to Bountygate. The best two-year stretch in franchise history.

2010 - Kurt Warner has retired and Matt Leinart doesn’t make it out of camp and the Cardinals fail to meet expectations because they don’t have a plan in place for quarterback.

2011 - Kevin Kolb or John Skelton starts as the Cardinals go 8-8.

2012 - Kevin Kolb or John Skelton ends as Ken Whisenhunt loses his job and the Cardinals move on from Rod Graves.

2013 - Bruce Arians and Steve Keim begin to create an excitement for the Cardinals, but miss the playoffs even at 10-6.

2014 - What felt like the season, the chance for the Arizona Cardinals crumbles under the weight of Carson Palmer’s knee injury after an 8-1 start, the Cardinals finish at 11-5 and a wild card loss to the Carolina Panthers.

2015 - One of the most memorable seasons in Arizona Cardinals history and the beginning of the end for the Bruce Arians era.

2016 - David Johnson has a historic season.

2017 - Thank you, Bruce Arians.

2018 - Umm.

2019 - The future is limitless.