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Ride the Tigers: Cardinals’ 2020 Draft

College Football Playoff National Championship - Clemson v LSU Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

The NCAA National Champion LSU Tigers have bestowed the 2020 NFL Draft with a surplus of outstanding talent on both sides of the football.

There are so many outstanding Tigers in this draft, that, for the sake of my own fascination, and hopefully yours, I am going to try to figure out a way for the Cardinals to acquire a pride of Tigers.

To accomplish the goal, the Cardinals need to make two trades:

  1. The Arizona Cardinals trade the #8 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft to the Miami Dolphins for the #18 and #27 picks. (Dolphins pass on a QB at #5 because they are enamored with Isaiah Simmons, but then they trade up for one at #8.)
  2. The Arizona Cardinals trade the #27 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft to the Atlanta Falcons for the #47, #55 and #119 picks.

Arizona Cardinals’ 2020 NFL Draft Rounds 1-4:

Round 1

#18 (from MIA). K’Lavon Chaisson, 6-4, 250, OLB, LSU.

Round 2

#40: Patrick Queen, 6-1, 227, ILB, LSU

#47 (from ATL): Saahdiq Charles , 6-4, 295, LT, LSU

#55 (from ATL): Lloyd Cushenberry, 6-4, 315, C, LSU

Round 3

#72: Clyde Edwards-Helaire, 5-8, 209, RB, LSU

Round 4

#114: Rashard Lawrence, 6-3, 317, DT, LSU

#119 (from ATL): Damien Lewis (from ATL), 6-3, 322, G, LSU

Round 6

#205 (from NE): Stephen Sullivan, 6-6, 240, TE, LSU

Round 7

#223: Breiden Fehoko, 6-3, 291, 34DE, LSU


  • Adding big-time speed to the 34 LB positions with Chaisson (pictured stripping QB Trevor Lawrence) and Queen. Chaisson is the quickest edge rusher in the draft. Queen is, imo, the best sideline to sideline tackler and the best cover ILB in the draft.
  • Adding size, strength (Lawrence) and short area quickness (Fehoko) to the interior defensive line.
  • Adding three of the most talented OL in the draft in Charles, Cushenberry and Lewis. Charles gave up 0 QB pressures versus Clemson in the championship game. Cushenberry is currently crushing it at the Senior Bowl and Lewis is a mauler.
  • Adding a tough, quick footed, hard to tackle RB in Edwards-Helaire, who is also a highly effective receiver out of the backfield.
  • Adding a talented, developmental “Y” type TE/WR in Sullivan as another good red zone target.

The 2020 Arizona Cardinals get the eye of the Tiger!