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NFL fans think it is the Chiefs time heading into Super Bowl LIV

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NFL: Super Bowl LIII-Host Committee Handoff Ceremony Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Confidence in your team going into the Super Bowl? What is that like?

Maybe we will know soon enough, but for now the Arizona Cardinals are on their offseason and we will sit and watch their division rival San Francisco 49ers and the team with the quarterback so many wanted, the Kansas City Chiefs duke it out.

Only two of 32 teams in the NFL get to experience the confidence of their team playing in a Super Bowl, so the Cardinals are not alone.

Moreover, Cardinals fans should look at the Chiefs and 49ers as hope that better days are not far off.

The 49ers Kyle Shanahan was 10-22 in his first two seasons as 49ers coach. He even regressed in his second season, going from six wins down to four and the second pick in the draft last season.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs have shown that when you have the right quarterback, on a rookie contract, you can buy the talent to put around him.

The Chiefs only have two first round picks they drafted on their roster since Andy Reid took over: Eric Fisher and Patrick Mahomes.

A great young quarterback gives you flexibility to build.

Now the FanPulse questions heading into Super LIV.

Which head coach would you rather have leading your team?

I was actually surprised by the margin of victory for Andy Reid. Labelled a choker for much of his career, the NFL fans feel strong he is the guy they’d want in their corner.

Finally, who wins?

In a landslide, people are bullish on this Chiefs team. I’d wager most of that falls on their otherworldly quarterback Patrick Mahomes, but they sure have built something nice in KC.

How would you answer these questions?

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