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Super Bowl LIV prop bets to watch, fade and bet the house on

Super Bowl LIV - Previews Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Happy Friday one and all.

We are to the final weekend of the NFL season and it is time for Super Bowl LIV.

Along with the Super Bowl comes the Super Bowl prop bets.

For those a bit unfamiliar with the term prop bet here is how SB Nation's DraftKings Nation explains it:

A prop bet takes individual events within or connected to the game and allows you to bet on them. They can be connected to the on-field action, meaning you can bet on things like total passing yards for Patrick Mahomes or Jimmy Garoppolo, total receiving yards for Tyreek Hill or Emmanuel Sanders, or total rushing yards for Damien Williams or Raheem Mostert. It can get even more intricate, where you can bet on how one player will perform against another player (e.g. who will have more interceptions, Mahomes or Garoppolo?).

The folks at SB Nation FanPulse put a question in this week about which prop bet you think is the most sure thing, the results are interesting.

Most feel confident that this years Super Bowl commercials will be heavy in the canine category.

However, there are plenty of prop bets this year that should interest you.

SB Nation’s own DraftKings Nation has a handy printable sheet that you can download and print for free.

They also have a great array of content to tap into for game day, so don’t miss out on DraftKings Nation and all they have to offer.

Some of the most popular bets right now according to


49ers +1 37% of the handle (money)
Chiefs -1 63% of the handle


Over 54.5 85% of the handle
Under 54.5 15% of the handle

Super Bowl 54 - Odds to Win MVP

Patrick Mahomes 36% of the handle
Raheem Mostert 16% of the handle
Jimmy Garoppolo 12% of the handle
George Kittle 8% of the handle
Richrd Sherman 4% of the handle
***All other players have 2% or less of the handle

Patrick Mahomes Passing Yards

Over 305.5 67% of the handle
Under 305.5 33% of the handle

Jimmy Garoppolo Passing Yards

Over 239.5 48% of the handle
Under 239.5 52% of the handle

Longest FG scored

Over 46.5 30% of the handle
Under 46.5 70% of the handle

Will Tom Brady be mentioned on TV during the Broadcast?

Yes 72% of the handle
No 28% of the handle

How many times will Mike Shanahan be shown on TV during the Broadcast

Over 1.5 77% of the handle
Under 1.5 23% of the handle

I think a couple of these are slam dunks and so does the public.

While the 49ers defense is good, over 54.5 seems like a lock. The 49ers have averaged 32.3 points per game since they lost to the Ravens in week 13. Their opponents have averaged 26.2 points per game in that same span and only the Vikings in the divisional round have failed to score 20 or more points.

Meanwhile, the Chiefs since their week 12 bye have averaged 32.7 points per game. While their defense has been stout in that run, only surrendering 17 points per game, in the playoffs they have given up 55 points in two games and have not held an opponent under 20 points.

I think this ends up being a fun one.

I feel like Mahomes passing yards will be over the 305.5. While the running game in KC is working, Mahomes is what moves that offense more than anything. They’ll either get ahead and he’ll keep throwing or he’ll throw them back into the game. I expect a close one, so 305.5 sounds good.

I am not touching anything to do with the broadcast, I always feel like those are traps.

What bets do you like?